Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Power Team GMV Project

41Everyone knows that most of my collection is centered around the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets). A few years back Hasbro came out with a Humvee that is probably the closest to scale of any of the 1:6 Hummers that have been produced. Well, with a price of over $100 each, I had to pass on them. The next closest thing in my opinion is the Power Team Hummer, and they had a great price coming in around $30 from J.C. Penney.

If you check out OSW, you will see a lot of great customs of the Hasbro Hummer, well here's my attempt at customizing one of my Power Team Hummers into a Special Forces GMV.

Here's a few pictures of what I started with.

Here's a quick picture to show the a BBI figure standing beside it to show the height compared to the figure:

The first thing I did was take the Hummer apart, and raise the chasis approximately 3/4". I took the windshield out, removed the steering wheel and the slant back. All of this is very easy to do. The entire Hummer is held together with (8) screws. I then looked up some reference pictures, and decided how I wanted the back to look. Being very impatient, I grabbed a can of tan spray paint that I had in the garage, and gave it a quick paint job as well....

Note: You can see the difference in the height already, just that quick, my GMV project is taking shape. Now to extend the rear end, I created a rack out of styrene plastic. This will carry fuel cans, storage boxes, ammo boxes, spare tire, etc...

Ok, I had a little time last night, so I glued the front bumper back on, and decided to try to make a brush guard out of styrene as well... I haven't attached this yet, it's just sitting there for the pictures. After I paint it and do some touch-ups, I may decide to keep it...

Stay tuned for more updates.....Comments welcomed.

12 July 2009 Update

My latest update and first stumbling block. Over this past week, I wanted to tackle the gun turret. I must have saved 50 pictures of GMVs and gun trucks, and was trying to decide what to use to make the turret. Well, I remember James Deguzeman's custom Humvee that he built entirely out of foamboard, so I decided to use this. It's pretty forgiving and you can shape it somewhat to...

Well I was very happy with my armored turret, until I added paint. Not thinking that you cannot spray paint styrofoam and that outer paper coating started to wrinkle.. (see below).Needless to say, it's back to the drawing board. The good thing about this stumbling block is that I already have the dimensions, so I can just start from scratch using a different material, more than likely styrene plastic. Here's a couple comparison shots beside another Power Team Humvee to show the differences.
September 7th Update: 95% Complete